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Created an toothbrush brand, electric toothbrush manufacturer of Aiwejay

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    Aiwejay are China’s top electric toothbrush manufacturer, helping brands Created their own brand-name electric toothbrushes.

    100% customized production
    100% customized production

    Aiwejay With advanced electric toothbrush production machines, we can produce customized and standard electric toothbrushes for many years.

    We design, develop and manufacture electric toothbrushes to meet the needs and applications of a wide range of people: hotel, home, travel, outdoor, children, adult electric toothbrush OEM, U-shaped automatic toothbrush, dentist recommended toothbrush, copper-free brush head, water floss, Beauty Instrument.

    Toothbrushes Uses: Used for disposable toothbrushes, rechargeable electric toothbrushes, battery electric toothbrushes, ultrasonic toothbrushes, blue light sterilization toothbrushes, waterproof electric toothbrushes and smart APP electric toothbrushes.

    We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality, low-price and high-reliability electric toothbrushes and water floss. You can choose silica gel, nylon, aluminum alloy or plastic as the shell, through electroplating, spraying oil to improve the quality and appearance of the surface treatment.

    We are a manufacturer of household electric toothbrushes and water floss. Products include adult electric toothbrushes, non-children electric toothbrushes, 360 U toothbrushes, and water floss.

    Custom electric toothbrush OEM,your own toothbrush for your brand


    Custom electric toothbrush OEM


    Aiwejay electric toothbrush has strong technical force, advanced electric toothbrush OEM production equipment, perfect testing equipment, reliable product quality and excellent after-sales service.

    Our products are produced in strict accordance with FBA, ISO 9001, FDA, FCC, CE, RoHS, PSE, BS and other standards. The company has passed ISO9000 quality management system certification and CCC China compulsory certification.

    Obtained the industrial production license issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China

    Strong manufacturing strength and mature business model


    electric toothbrush

    Aiwejay is China’s first brand electric toothbrush manufacturer with a modern production line.

    Are you looking for an  electric toothbrush OEM? We can provide a full range of electric toothbrushes at the most favorable price and timely delivery through mass production and strong technical force. OEM service of 100%customized electric toothbrushes can be provided according to your requirements.

    Our partners have purchased our electric toothbrushes, sold them in Amazon stores, Shopify, and eBay,shopee,and have been successful. Take action and tell us your needs,Browse the electric toothbrush product catalog.

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