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Electric Toothbrush Bristles: Nylon, PET, PP, PBT- A Comparison

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    Electric toothbrush bristles are one of the most important components of electric toothbrushes, and the quality of electric toothbrush bristles directly affects the quality of electric toothbrushes.

    Electric toothbrush bristles on the market mainly include nylon (PA) bristles (American Dupont silk), PBT bristles (Japan Toray sharpened silk), pp (polyethylene) bristles, and PET composite bristles. So what are the differences between these bristles?

    These are the main types, so what are the differences between these bristle materials?

    Which is better for teeth? So let’s take a look at the differences between these materials.

    1. Electric Toothbrush Bristles PP (polyethylene) wool


    PP (polyethylene) electric toothbrush bristles are rarely used in electric toothbrushes, because the biggest disadvantage of PP (polyethylene) bristles is that the elasticity is very poor, and it is prone to deformation. PP (polyethylene) bristles are generally used 1-2 times. Damaged, PP (polyethylene) bristles are generally used in hotel disposable toothbrushes or cheap toothbrushes.

    2. Electric Toothbrush Bristles Nylon (PA) bristles, American DuPont bristles


    Electric toothbrush bristles DuPont Nylon PA
    Electric toothbrush bristles DuPont Nylon PA

    The most representative nylon bristles are DuPont bristles. DuPont bristles have the characteristics of wear resistance, strong cleaning power, toughness and strong bending resilience. DuPont bristles are hard and can be used for a long time without deformation. It is more suitable for men and people who do not have any oral problems.

    3. PBT bristles (Japan Toray sharpening wire)

    PBT soft hair originates from Japan Toray Group, also known as bamboo charcoal hair and spiral hair. Selection of high-end bristles. The bristles are softer and more friendly to women with sensitive gums and gums that bleed easily.

    4. PET composite bristles

    Electric toothbrush bristles PBT bristles
    Electric toothbrush bristles PBT bristles

    PET composite material is a kind of bristles between nylon bristles (PA) and PBT soft bristles (Toray sharpened silk from Japan). Similar to nylon, but with poor resilience, but usually the bristles will fall out in about a week. As easily damaged as PP (polyethylene) wool.

    Summary: Among these four materials, the ones generally used in electric toothbrushes are mainly nylon (PA) American DuPont bristles and PBT Japanese Toray sharpening wires. Those who want strong cleaning power and durability can choose the United States DuPont bristles, oral sensitive can choose PBT bristles (Japan Toray grinding sharp wire) material.

    How to choose needs can be selected according to personal needs, gum condition, softness and hardness.

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