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Electric toothbrush customization PCB manufacturer & company-Aiwejay

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    There are many companies in the market that provide the development of electric toothbrush Function, but there are only a handful of companies that combine R&D and production. Aiwejay’s advantage has many years of history in the development of PCB solutions for electric toothbrushes, and has its own electric toothbrush production line. The development of electric toothbrushes can save customers’ costs to the greatest extent.

    Electric Toothbrush Customized PCBA

    1. Electric toothbrush program development, design service-Aiwejay

    Electric toothbrush PCB circuit board program development/electric toothbrush magnetic levitation motor design/electric toothbrush circuit board development design

    PCBA·Motherboard design·Circuit board·Electronic solution development

    Electric toothbrush project design

    Electric toothbrush schematic diagram & drawing board

    Electric toothbrush software programming, buttons, function programming

    PCB board proofing

    PCB debugging & confirmation

    Production line, mass production

    Finished product testing, aging workshop testing, QC testing

    On-time delivery service

    2. Electric toothbrush PCB program development and design process:

    1. User needs According to user needs, provide professional electric toothbrush PCB solutions

    2. PCB design is designed on the basis of confirming the plan

    3. Quick proofing with the designed PCB, fast proofing.

    4. Performance test Perform performance test on the proofed PCB.

    5. Optimize PCB design to further optimize the PCB that does not meet the expected indicators.

    6. The mass-produced electric toothbrush PCB boards are delivered to customers.

    Electric toothbrush PCB design


    Customize the function of the electric toothbrush PCB according to customer requirements
    Customize the function of the electric toothbrush PCB according to customer requirements

    Portable Sonic electric toothbrush with Wireless charging UW01 lite

    3. Why choose Aiwejay for the development of electric toothbrush solutions?

    Ten years of industry experience, leading technology in the industry, one-stop service from program design to placement and production

    Independent large electric toothbrush factory,Learn about our electric toothbrush production process

    The company has a production plant of 6000 square meters and introduces automated production lines to ensure lower project quality and schedule costs.

    Strong reserves and supply chain capabilities

    The company has an independent component storage warehouse to store related components of the product to ensure that customers take the lead and seize market share when the next season’s products are launched.

    Mass production of electric toothbrush solutions

    Top electric toothbrush design team

    Aiwejay manufacturer-has a multi-person design team, providing electric toothbrush electronic research and development, electric toothbrush structure research and development, most of which have more than 10 years of electric toothbrush hardware design experience, research and development projects can pass various certifications required by customers.

    Electric Toothbrush Customized PCBA
    Short development cycle

    From receiving the user’s program customization requirements to the final PCB board mass production, it only takes 7 working days at the fastest, which greatly improves the user’s opportunity to seize the market.

    Perfect testing system

    With perfect testing equipment and testing system, every process will be strictly controlled to make PCB itself and customers’ finished products perfect.

    Stable and reliable quality

    When designing the PCB board program, the product has undergone various tests such as durability, and the design program has been continuously optimized to ensure stable and reliable quality from design to finished product.

    Aiwejay has reliable strength in the development of electric toothbrush solutions, and can undertake batches of brand-entrusted electric toothbrush development solutions.

    Aiwejay provides fully customizable electric toothbrushes. PCB production is just one of our advantages. Welcome to wholesale electric toothbrushes. We provide highly customized electric toothbrushes.

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