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    Electric toothbrush customization is commonly called electric toothbrush OEM in China


    and foreign trade is called Customized Logo or Private Label. The literal translation is custom LOGO and private label.

    Aiwejay Electric Toothbrush manufacturer, the SEO department is a single person, taking care of the promotion work at home and abroad. I feel that the custom tag of electric toothbrush is also searched by someone on Google. It is necessary to post a post.


    Electric toothbrush customized sample

    1. Customized Logo on electric toothbrush label

    OEM is commonly known as generation processing. Also known as: OEM or ODM. Specifically, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), that is, original equipment manufacturer, ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), is the original design manufacturer, OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer), is the original brand manufacturer OEM, also known as OEM production and labeling. Brand production, foreign trade is called Customized Private Label.

    Customized OEM processing of electric toothbrush means that the merchant does not produce it by itself, but entrusts Weijie intelligent production enterprise to produce it, and the brand is its own.

    2. Aiwejay Electric Toothbrush Factory is responsible for R&D, design and label printing.

    The advantage of this method is that dealers can formulate the most appropriate marketing plan according to their actual situation. When problems or changes in the plan or the market are found, they can adjust the plan and formulate countermeasures at the fastest speed. At the same time, the profit margin can be improved. Master it by yourself, avoiding the troubles of different manufacturers, etc., and respond calmly with the fastest response and the highest efficiency in complex and changeable business battles.

    Provide global electric toothbrush customization

    3. Find the benefits of Aiwejay custom labels

    1. Reduce investment in fixed assets such as plant and equipment;

    2. You can have your own products without a lot of funds;

    3. Concentrate on design, R&D, and sales to avoid wasting time;

    4. You can give full play to your own advantages and hand over production-related technology and work to professional companies, such as Weijie, which can improve product quality and shorten the production cycle.

    Conclusion: Whether it is a Chinese foundry or a foreign electric toothbrush custom label, Weijie Intelligent, as a first-class electric toothbrush manufacturer, has independent research and development technology and large-scale production capabilities in services, brand owners and channel vendors. If you happen to open up the electric toothbrush foreign trade market or as an independent brand merchant, welcome to contact us. Complementary and win-win.

    More styles support Sonic electric toothbrush

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