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electric toothbrushes Import from China at wholesale prices

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    1、Aiwejay – Import electric toothbrushes from China manufacturer

    Aiwejay Pursuing high-quality Import OEM electric toothbrushes manufacturer, Import focusing on oral care products for 10 years, Manufacturer of electric toothbrushes recognized for producing high-quality products.International trade electric toothbrush production line

    Professional Import support team: Electric toothbrushes for children, electric toothbrushes for adults, U-shaped sonic toothbrushes, toothbrushes, etc. with the core of Import business department, professional Import R&D technology department, Import purchasing department, production department, and QC quality control department. team.

    Design an electric toothbrush

    Support drawing and sample drawing, electric toothbrushes design and processing, own electric toothbrushes production line, electric toothbrushes mold opening, trading methods EXW, FOB, CIF.

    2、Import electric toothbrushes manufacturer-Stable production strengthStable production strength

    Sufficient production capacity: Provide OEM/ODM to cooperate with customer product development, own R&D and design capabilities, scientific assembly line production, monthly output of 600,000 pieces, annual output of 7 million pieces, and the delivery date is accurate

    Aiwejay electric toothbrushes manufacturer covers an area of ​​6000m². Aiwejay has 2 long production lines with more than 200 people; office-style, clean manufacturer

    3、electric toothbrushes Import OEM, cooperation process


    Confirm the OEM contract. Import company and Aiwejay electric toothbrushes manufacturer cooperate, must sign OEM contract.

    The contract is provided by Aiwejay, and both parties need to be stamped with the company’s official seal and riding seal. The contract generally has the following important clauses to be noted.

    Electric toothbrushes’ name, model, product packaging (neutral packaging in English) (white background image of electric toothbrushes, details page), color, brand, delivery date, payment method, shipping method, etc. These must be noted, and special remarks are required if there are special requirements.

    Sea delivery FOB

    Import company arranges the deposit. After the contract is completed, the Import company goes to the bank to pay the manufacturer’s deposit, which is paid according to the payment method on the contract. Generally it is a 50% deposit, and the 50% balance is settled before shipment. This deposit is non-refundable because the manufacturer has already arranged production.

    High quality aiwejay electric toothbrush

    4、electric toothbrushes-multiple international certifications to help open the local market

    U.S. FDA certification
    EU CE certification
    U.S. FCC certification

    multiple international certifications

    The above article is original by professional electric toothbrushes Import manufacturer-Aiwejay, Welcome to contact us, get the electric toothbrushes Wholesale price.

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