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    I. Electric toothbrush oem steps.


    Step 1 provides a sample solution according to the customer’s requirement.

    Due to the higher professional requirements, the electric toothbrush processing factory should be in line with the principle of quality first, to provide samples to the customer program for expert review, mainly for the safety of the sample for special consideration. After the review can enter the proofing stage, at this time the brand can be based on their own needs to make constructive comments and suggestions.

    Step 2 Mature formula, packing, and proofing

    According to the previous customer survey and visit, the electric toothbrush OEM processing factory will add or reduce the ingredients of an electric toothbrush, to mature formula to face consumers and customer base, and comprehensive customer actual needs and brand style packaging proofing, this is a key step in product sales.

    Step 3 Sample Feedback Confirmation Seal Sample

    The OEM manufacturer of the electric toothbrush will send the sample to the customer brand review panel for final evaluation according to the customer’s needs and opinions and give feedback after the review panel has reviewed the sample, the seal can be confirmed after the two running-in.

    Step 4 Organize Production Packaging

    After the sealing sample is confirmed, both parties shall sign a contract. At this time, the OEM factory will immediately organize a professional team to produce, strictly by the production process, high-quality products processed efficiently, and high-end packaging as soon as possible to the customer designated places.

    These are the four steps of OEM of electric toothbrushes, but only select high-quality OEM manufacturers can guarantee the quality of products, but also reduce the risk of the brand operation.

    Production Capacity

    II、 Service Process of Electric Toothbrush OEM

    1、 Consulting and clarifying OEM needs

    Cash selection, drawings, and samples, pictures/logos, color customization, OEM needs communication

    2、 Signing contracts with manufacturers

    Requirements: Function, Material, Craft, Agreement: Commercial Clause, Delivery Date, Acceptance Standard

    3、 Sample production

    Sample production within 7 days, provide customer trial, 5 days trial report communication details confirmation standard, 45 days efficient mass production on-time delivery order

    4、 Quality inspection

    1、 Inspection of finished products 2. Overall inspection 3. Reliability inspection 4. Sampling inspection

    5、 Payment and delivery

    1. Customer inspection; 2. Payment for goods; 3. Delivery
    All of our products can assist the brand testing and certification; cooperate with our company, your electric toothbrush products will be quickly brand building and promotion.

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    III、 Problems to be noted in selecting excellent OEM manufacturers

    The biggest difference between the production of electric toothbrushes of its brand and that of OEM is the quality control system. Generally, the production of the electric toothbrush of own brand has its processing factory and has a strict quality control system, and the quality control of each link of production is more strict;

    OEM electric toothbrushes are mostly in several small workshops processing factory processing, processing costs are relatively low, quality control efforts are not enough. Therefore, the need for OEM brand manufacturers must carefully choose, the best can go to the factory to investigate some.

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