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How to find a reliable China electric toothbrush manufacturer

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    How to find a reliable China electric toothbrush manufacturer, the global competition of the electric toothbrush market will be more and more fierce in 2021. However, few Chinese electric toothbrush processing factories master core technology. Below Aiwejay to give you an analysis of China’s electric toothbrush manufacturers of the specific situation, for your reference.

    electric toothbrushes in China
    Distribution of electric toothbrushes in China


    1、 Geographical distribution of electric toothbrush factory factories in China

    At present, China’s electric toothbrush processing plants are mainly distributed in Jiangsu and Zhejiang region represented by Ningbo and the Pearl River Delta region represented by Shenzhen. The former takes the low price route, while the Pearl River Delta takes the high-quality foreign trade route. Shenzhen Aiwejay Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the representatives.

    2、 Cooperation mode of China electric toothbrush  factory

    China’s electric toothbrush manufacturers mainly in the ODM/OEM mode of production. ODM model is based on the brand of electric toothbrush product design requirements, on behalf of the factory design, assembly integration of the production process, and finally affixed with the logo provided by the brand.

    OEM is provided by the brand side of the design of electric toothbrushes, agent factory only needs to complete the production assembly link, Philips and other large electric toothbrush brand is mainly OEM model.
    China’s generation of electric toothbrush factories is facing a lack of product development capacity, motor, and material core technology, OEM business to produce assembly and appearance design, such as Aiwejay professional to do electric toothbrush R&D and production of relatively few manufacturers.

    3、 How to find a powerful China electric toothbrush factory

    China’s electric toothbrush processing factory strength varies, we are looking for a relatively reliable strength of the manufacturers? Can from the electric toothbrush core parts and electric toothbrush production process two aspects to consider.

    The main parts of an electric toothbrush are the motor, brush head, and battery, the complete manufacturing process is divided into R&D, design, production assembly, quality inspection, and product packaging. The ordinary processing plant has no motor production capacity, the strength of the processing plant has a complete manufacturing process including research and development.



    Aiwejay is one of the few comprehensive electric toothbrush factories in China with the capabilities of appearance design, structure design, function development, motor production, and scheme design, providing one-stop OEM model electric toothbrush process.

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