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Huawei Children’s Electric Toothbrush Worth Buying? easy to use?

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    Children will start to grow their first deciduous teeth from about 6 months of age, and permanent teeth will begin to grow around 6 years old. All deciduous teeth are completely replaced by permanent teeth around 12 years old, and this age group is also the most likely to cause children to suffer from dental caries. The occurrence of dental caries in children is related to factors such as bacteria and food. The best way to keep a child’s mouth healthy is to brush his teeth.

    Huawei Childrens Electric Toothbrush

    Children need to be over 3 years old to use electric toothbrushes. Many mothers have also asked the editor before, which electric toothbrush is good for children? Is Huawei’s children’s electric toothbrush worth buying? easy to use? Personally, I think Huawei’s electric toothbrush is still very worthwhile. The editor will now take you to know about this Huawei children’s electric toothbrush.

    Appearance design and music interaction: Like our childhood, many children are not very interested in brushing their teeth, but this electric toothbrush of Huawei adopts the Q-mene setting in appearance, and has music songs and voice interaction functions, which can arouse children’s interest in brushing their teeth. interest of.

    Diversified cleaning brush heads and mode selection: Incorrect brushing methods for children will also affect the health of the gums. In addition to using food-grade U-shaped silicone brush heads, this electric toothbrush from Huawei can also be used according to children’s preferences and needs. The traditional mini straight brush head is equipped with double brush heads. In addition, the bristles are made of DuPont antibacterial ultra-soft bristles. The bristles are soft and do not hurt the gums. Various brushing modes can be switched at will, intelligent timing, and gear adjustment functions to meet the cleaning of different age groups. need. Better care of children’s gum health.

    Huawei Smart Life APP connection: Huawei’s children’s electric toothbrush supports the HUAWEI HILINK protocol, has Bluetooth + APP intelligent motion recognition sensor module motion sensing positioning and navigation technology, is connected to the Huawei Smart Life APP, can accurately grasp the brushing data, and get The brushing score makes brushing more comprehensive, and the APP is equipped with teaching animations to guide children to learn how to brush their teeth scientifically. Develop an interest in brushing your teeth.

    Inductive charging waterproof effect: inductive charging, convenient charging, children can easily operate, without parents worrying too much, in addition IPX7 waterproof performance, can be washed all over the body to meet children’s daily electric toothbrush needs, and improve safety and durability Spend.

    Cleaning power: Huawei smart electric toothbrush uses a magnetic levitation sonic vibration motor, which continuously maintains a constant power output. The cleaning effect is accurately transmitted to the top of each bristles, and the cleaning power is stronger.

    Summary: For this Huawei children’s electric toothbrush, it is very worthwhile to buy in terms of appearance, performance and function.

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