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The advantages of metal-free toothbrush heads, by Aiwejay electric toothbrush manufacturers

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    Many of us are not aware that the toothbrushes we live with are hidden in pieces of metal. Today, with the development of electric toothbrushes, the benefits of a new type of toothbrush, the Metal Free Tooth brusheads, are very effective and healthy.

    metal-free toothbrush heads vs Rusty toothbrush head
    metal-free toothbrush heads vs Rusty toothbrush head

    Each toothbrush implants a piece of metal (such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc.) into the brush handle hole to hold the bristles in place and complete the process. While the metal sheet will produce oxidation reaction when exposed to water, its toothpaste will produce chemical reactions, these oxidation reactions or chemical reactions may produce harmful substances. Its aluminum sheet and lead sheet is more toxic metals. But did you know that more than 90% of the toothbrushes on the market today contain metal?

    metal free toothbrush heads 4 1

    1、Traditional method of hair planting on toothbrush head: hollowed out pore is easy to accumulate water, and it is easy to cause metal oxidation of hair planting to affect health and hygiene. Toothbrush bristles are arranged in a fixed position, so it is impossible to design more effective bristles arrangement and angle. Metals are not easily recycled, causing environmental pollution.

    2、Traditional metal hair implantation process: the traditional toothbrush in the manufacturing process must add metal, in order to fix the toothbrush tufts. Metals are aluminum, alloy, copper, iron, and so on. Metals are exposed to moisture, especially toothpaste, which speeds up oxidation. Cheap toothbrush sheets of metal contain arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, antimony, barium, selenium, etc., releasing harmful substances that are not beneficial to health.

    Even if it’s made of copper and iron, when you see that the root of the hair of the toothbrush is yellowish and green, it’s not a smudge left by brushing your teeth. The real reason is that the metal inside has become seriously rusty! Is it possible to make toothbrushes with “non-metallic hair implants”? Yes! Why is it so rare to buy a toothbrush with a metallic hair implant? Because equipment imported from Europe and very expensive!

    3、Disadvantages of traditional toothbrush hair planting: Pores are prone to water, bacteria, long term use can easily lead to metal oxidation of hair planting affect health and hygiene. Toothbrush bristles are arranged in a fixed position, so it is impossible to design more effective bristles arrangement and angle.

    Advanced Anchor-free Brush Heads
    Advanced Anchor-free Brush Heads

    Innovative Metal Free Tooth Brus heads Hair Planting Method: Metal Free Hair Planting Method, Metal Oxide Free! Different types of pores can be used for hair planting, and various arrangement methods can be designed. High density hair planting, hair bundle compaction is not easy to shed. Metal free, easy recycling and reuse.

    Oral health care is established from an early age, no matter how and when you brush your teeth. But most consumers don’t realize that we brush our teeth with a tool called “toothbrush”.

    Shenzhen Aiwejay electric toothbrush manufacturers, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of automatic production equipment sales experience for many years, the successful development of non-metal toothbrush hair production equipment, has been quite well-known customer base.

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