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Portable Travel electric toothbrush manufacturer, with private label

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    1.Aiwejay travel electric toothbrush,electric toothbrush designed for travel


    Most of the existing electric toothbrushes are relatively heavy and have small capacity batteries, which are inconvenient to carry.

    Aiwejay designed a portable electric toothbrush in response to the needs of travelers. It uses a large-capacity battery and supports IPX7 waterproof, making it easy for travelers to use.

    Aiwejay electric toothbrush S1 and u6 is very lightweight, supports IPX7 waterproof, large capacity battery, and supports mobile phone charger charging. Electric toothbrush designed for travel, Fully consider the traveler’s likes.

    Travel electric toothbrush u6
    Travel electric toothbrush u6


    2.we Have The Solution For You

    We believe in doing all we can to deliver the highest standards of service and world leading technology. We pride ourselves on our quality, efficiency and reliability and on the personal attention we give to each of our clients.

    We boast world-leading technologies, efficient procedures, and international experience and can also help with design and packaging if required. We can do as much or as little as you need to help bring your electric toothbrush brand to life. Whether you want the bulk product alone or a complete brand created, we have the solution for you.


    Travel electric toothbrush S1
    Travel electric toothbrush S1

    3.Aiwejay Makes It Easy For You To Create A Travel Electric Toothbrush Brand

    At Aiwejay Corporation, we aim to be the world’s best producer of OEM and private label travel electric toothbrushes. As your electric toothbrush manufacturing partner, we make it easy for you to bring your electric toothbrush idea to life.

    Aiwejay travel electric toothbrush is an independent China manufacturer and supplier of quality systems. We aim to provide maximum precision using state-of-the-art technologies, efficient procedures, and the technical expertise which come together to create a successful combination of tradition and innovation. Discover the world of precise shaving-technology for your private label.


    Electric toothbrush production


    4.why Choose Aiwejay Travel Electric Toothbrush


    We are a state-of-the-art electric toothbrush factory specializing in the production and manufacture of premium quality private label travel electric toothbrushes. We partner with you to build a brand that will last.

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